Episode 3 – Beatrice Wanjiku

the Artworlds Podcast
the Artworlds Podcast
Episode 3 - Beatrice Wanjiku

“There is never the feeling of I’ve arrived, only the need to keep making it better day by day.”

In this episode Beatrice welcomes us Magdalene into her studio (in the pouring rain) and takes us through her journey from Buruburu Insitute of Fine Art until where she is today. She talks about the influence of ‘bodymapping’ on her practice, about how we are more similar to one another than we first think and how paintings can bring us closer. This is intimate, open and honest reflection on the emotional engagement and emotional journey of Beatrice as an artist.

Beatrice Wanjiku is one of the most foremost painters of her generation. Her work is deeply introspective and hauntingly beautiful. Her canvasses typically show figures and faces, sometimes seemingly double-exposed, mouths often wide open as if howling, teeth bared. To peer into a painting of beatrice is to lose yourself in questions of being, of belonging and of existence.

Interviewer: Magdalene Ochieng
Production: Humphrey Manyara
Editing: Magdalene Ochieng
Host: Nduta Wangaii
Post-production: Jacob Höfle




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