Episode 4 – Brush Tu

the Artworlds Podcast
the Artworlds Podcast
Episode 4 - Brush Tu

“Know the difference between dreams, fantasy and reality”

In this episode Michael Musyoka and Emmaus Kimani give us an insight into their own personal practice, and into the dynamics and workings of the Brush Tu artist collective. Speaking from their studio in Buruburu they talk frankly about a whole range of emotions and experiences they have had as artists. How harsh criticism hurts and is difficult to process, but that if you have the courage of convictions ultimately you will succeed. How financial pressures are real, but that an audience and appreciation for art in Kenya is only growing and social media is making selling easier. This is a compassionate and good-natured reflection on what it means to be an artist in Nairobi today.

Brush Tu Art (BTAC) is a Contemporary Artist Collective in Nairobi. Established in mid 2013 it consists of 12 artists (Abdul Kiproto, Boniface Maina, David Thuku, Elias Mung’ora, Emmaus Kimani, Kimani Ngaro, Lincoln Mwangi, Michael Musyoka, Muthoni Bushkimani, Peteros Ndunde, Sebawali Sio, Waweru Gichui). The name “Brush Tu”, which translates to “Brush Only” or “Just Brush, is derived from the artists’ tendency to opt for paint and brush as their preferred medium of expression. Brush Tu is based in Buruburu.

Interview date: 24.02.21

Interviewer: George Opalo

Production: James Muli

Editing: George Opalo

Host: Nduta Wangari

Post-production: Jacob Höfle


https://brushtu.org https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/arts/art-scene-nairobi.html


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